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Prevention Services

Salina Family Healthcare Center provides a full menu of services that can detect health problems early and even prevent them before they start.

To learn more about disease prevention, enter your information into the widget to the right. You will get a list of services that may be appropriate for you.

This list is provided by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force - experts in disease prevention. Discuss this list with your doctor and take control of your health!

Self Care

You are the most important part of your healthcare plan. Salina Family Healthcare Center believes that you will be more successful when you develop your own plan of care with our help and advice. We want you to reach your health goals and provide the support, tools and access to community resources necessary to follow your plan. Please use the following resources to learn more about your health and to take better care of yourself. Please check back often as we will frequently update content.



Prevention Services

KDHE Diabetes Control Website

Recommendations for Me

Blood Sugar Log



Advanced Directives

KDHE Website for Quitting

DNR Form

Smoke Free Website

Durable POA for Minor Children

Daily Smoking Log

Durable POA


Living Will

We would like to recognize and thank the following organizations for their grant funding that has helped in the development and enhancement of Salina Family Healthcare Center and the services we provide.