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SFHC offers a wide range of Pediatric services for children from birth to 18 years of age. Chronic disease management includes ADHD, asthma, overweight/obesity, and mental health (anxiety and depression). In addition, our acute care services include but are not limited to, common infections, rashes, and injuries including fractures, sutures, and concussions.

We have the added benefit of being able to easily transition children to adult care in-house too.

Medical Clinic Hours Closed Now

Mon-Thurs | 8am - 6pm
Friday | 8am - 4pm
Saturday | 8am - Noon
Sunday | Closed

How Our Medical Clinic Can Help You

Faculty Physicians

Community Health Service Providers

Resident Physicians

Program Year 3

  • Stephen Moll, MD
  • Teresa Nunez, MD
  • Dr. Kendra Reith, MD
  • Autumn Weir, MD
  • Ryan Weir, MD

Program Year 2

  • Dustin Bonzo, MD
  • Dakota Bunch, MD
  • Casey McNeil, MD
  • Matthew Tilton, DO
  • Michael Ziegler, MD

Program Year 1

  • Abby Hanzlicek, MD
  • Alex Hermesch, MD
  • Kevin Klug, MD
  • Marija Lawless, MD
  • Brandon Reid, MD