Medical Services


Salina Family Healthcare Center's scope of practice ranges from newborn to end of life care.





Preventative Health Care
Acute/Urgent/Emergent Care
Chronic Disease Management, including Diabetes / High Blood Pressure / Asthma
Physicals (Well Child Exams, Well Woman Exams, Sports, Daycare, School)
Comprehensive Diabetes Care (Group Visits, Eye Exams)
Family Planning
Obstetrics, including prenatal care, delivery and OB group visits
Gynecologic Care
Pediatrics and Newborn Care
Coumadin Clinic
Women's Health (Early Detection Works / Free To Know programs available)
In-house Diagnostic Laboratory / X-ray
Medication Assistance Program (MAP)
Translation Services
Inpatient Hospital Services
24 Hour Emergency Answering Service

Behavioral Health


Certified Health Insurance Marketplace Navigators

Community Resource Navigator




Fracture Care
Minor Skin and Soft Tissue Surgery/Biopsy
OB Ultrasound
IUD and Implanon Placement
In-office Spirometry
Dilated Diabetic Eye Exams


The Salina Family Healthcare Pharmacy is a full-service Pharmacy, available to all patients of the health center. Located just inside the entrance of Salina Family Healthcare Center, the pharmacy is convenient, fast and friendly. All major prescription insurances are accepted. For patients without prescription coverage and those on our financial assistance program, we are able to offer discounts on our medications to maximize your savings. Medications on the $4.00 list are also available here. Clinical Pharmacy services are also available by a Pharmacist to assist with Coumadin management and multiple medication management. For more information, call 452-3900.


Preventative Care

Preventive care is a cornerstone of Family Medicine. As such, SFHC offers appointments on a daily basis for immunizations, well child or Kan Be Healthy visits and well woman exams as well as laboratory, x-rays and yearly physicals (sports, daycare, school, DOT). We are also able to offer outpatient screening colonoscopies either through one of our own physicians or through referral. All providers are trained to address appropriate preventive care measures. We monitor the provision of several preventive care services as part of our QA/QI process as well.


Acute/Urgent/Emergent Care

SFHC maintains open appointments daily in each provider's schedule for same day appointments for acute or urgent care. Triage nurses are available at all times during business hours to assist those in need.


Chronic Disease Management

Chronic disease management is another cornerstone of Family Medicine. SFHC offers daily appointments for the management of chronic disease including but not limited to diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, depression, COPD, asthma, CHF, and many others. We have developed chronic disease management tools within our electronic medical record and all providers are well-trained in the chronic disease management model.



Salina Family Healthcare Center uses a very proactive approach to immunizations.
Due to our process improvements, we increased our immunization completion rates from 39% to 80% in a 3 month period in 2009. We have continued to improve these rates in 2010 and our current rates are above 85%!

Based on these improvements, SFHC was a recipient of the Wyeth Immunization Improvement Award in 2010. We have also been selected as a 2011 AAFP Foundation Pfizer Immunization Award recipient in the category of Best Practices.


Early Detection Works Program

Our clinic contracts with the state of Kansas to offer the Early Detection Works program, which provides free breast and cervical cancer screenings to women age 40 to 64 who have no health insurance and meet certain income guidelines.

To find out more about the Early Detection Works program, please call toll free 1-877-277-1368 or visit Qualifying individuals will receive an enrollment number. One you have received your enrollment number, call our office to schedule your Early Detection Works appointment.


In-house Laboratory Services

Our on-site Laboratory provides a full spectrum of diagnostic tests and screening. The laboratory is accredited by COLA and on-site surveys are conducted every 2 years with awards given based on compliance and all COLA criteria met at the time of the survey. In addition, award recipients must have demonstrated successful proficiency testing in all events for the prior year. SFHC has attained an unprecedented 100% on our last 5 surveys.


Medication Assistance Program

SFHC provides a Medication Assistance Program (MAP) program to assist patients in getting medications directly from pharmaceutical manufacturers at no charge. Eligibility for the MAP program is approved by the pharmaceutical company. Application forms must be completed and appointments with our MAP Coordinator may be scheduled during regular business hours.


We also have agreements with local pharmacies to enhance access to medications for our patients. Dillon's Pharmacy provides discounted prescription medications to our eligible patients.


Translation Services

We provide Translation Services through:
• Full-time, in-house Spanish/English interpreter
• Telephone interpreter service for all languages
•Web-based interactive interpreter service for American Sign Language for our hearing impaired patients.

All written patient education material generated is also duplicated in Spanish.


Obstetrical Care

SFHC provides prenatal care, delivery, and post-partum care to patients within a 30-mile radius. We manage both routine pregnancies and high-risk pregnancies. We have an agreement with a local group of obstetricians who will see our patients in referral and will often co-manage higher risk pregnancies.


OB Group Visits

Salina Family Healthcare Center has collaborated with the Saline County Health Department to provide group prenatal education visits at our clinic for our patients. By providing the services to our patients within our clinic, our goal is for patients have a healthier prenatal course and uneventful delivery. Health Department staff comes on the third Tuesdays and Thursdays of each month and have two separate two hour sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each class covers 2 topics per session, with one class being presented in Spanish each month.


Inpatient Hospital Service

Clinic patients requiring admission to the hospital for inpatient care are admitted to our inpatient service known as SHIP (Smoky Hill In-Patient). The SHIP service includes two resident physicians and one faculty physician who are responsible for providing inpatient care to all of our hospitalized patients.


24 Hour Emergency Answering Service

During times when our office is not open, SFHC has one resident and one faculty who are "on-call" to provide telephone triage and urgent or emergent care through the hospital emergency room. Patients can access the doctor on call through a local answering service (785-452-4001).


Behavioral Health

All medical providers are trained to recognize and treat substance abuse disorders as well as common illnesses such as depression, attention deficit disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, etc. In collaboration with Central Kansas Foundation (CKF), SFHC provides access to substance abuse treatment services utilizing a full-time in-house substance abuse counselor. This allows us to fully integrate substance use disorder services into our scope of practice, initiating patient engagement immediately following diagnosis and offering direct clinical services on site. Outpatient substance abuse group therapy sessions are also held in our conference room three nights a week for patients in this stage of their treatment and recovery. A similar collaborative effort with Central Kansas Mental Health Center (CKMHC) has placed Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Workers (LSCSW) in our medical clinic as well. Behavioral Health Therapists are available to see patients in referral from our providers as well as scheduling patients for assessments and subsequent therapy and treatment.



In 2013, SFHC updated our x-ray processing from a film based system to a fully digital system which allows us to produce high quality x-ray images with minimal steps for scanning, processing and assuring image quality. Furthermore, the use of the PACS (picture archive computer/communication systems) allows x-rays to be captured, distributed and stored in a digital format viewable on computer screens around the clinic closer to patient care areas increasing provider efficiency. With the improved imaging range of digital radiography, discovery of problems that are potentially unnoticeable with the conventional film-based system is heightened. In a digital system all imaging parameters are optimized, resulting in digital images that can be enhanced, enlarged, duplicated and sent to any other location in seconds.


Certified Health Insurance Marketplace Navigators

We have in house Certified Navigators to assist patients with looking at insurance options in the Marketplace under the Affordable Care Act. The Navigators can assist individuals with looking at low cost health insurance options available in this area. If you currently do not have health insurance, are looking for a different option for health insurance, or recently moved and/or lost coverage from health insurance, you may qualify for a plan in the Marketplace. Our Certified Navigators are not affiliated with any political party nor do they represent an insurance company. Navigators have been educated and trained on the Affordable Care Act, its benefits and impacts to people and the community. These services are free and are available to all individuals in our community, not just patients of the health center.


Community Resource Navigator

Salina Family Healthcare Center (SFHC) is dedicated to providing high-quality, patient-centered care and understands the importance of taking care of the whole person. Our in-house Community Resource Navigator works closely with patients, their families, healthcare team and local community organizations, agencies, businesses, faith based organizations, and other groups to meet the needs of our patients and help bring down barriers to their health, whatever they might be. Example of community resources support includes assistance for food, housing, prescription medication, transportation.